Creating and maintaining excellence in all you do

Systematic approaches for building routines of greatness and succeeding in life.

At GAPP we have three pillars which equate to Performance. From the Greek we use three words: Gumnazo, Agonizomai and Paidia to build and sustain lifelong Performance.

Gumnazo is the Greek word which English has derived “gymnasium.” Loosely it is translated to “training, ” but the Greek meaning is much more nuanced. The literal meaning describes a Greek sports training school where students trained naked. Some translators have emphasized the naked aspect as a way students focused on simplicity and shedding of the unneeded or cumbersome to focus solely on the goal. Students give themselves wholly to the training regiment. They devote themselves to their discipline and commit to the sacrifices required to attain elite performance.

Agonizomai has been translated as ”competes,” but the English word agony is derived from it. Competition does not require other competitors, and in our context we will be using it to denote self-competition, but not in an unbalanced or negative manner (expense of others). In other words, competition is a way to acknowledge the current state of performance and develop the drive and means to alter performance to better match a situation or desired end-state. But in that process, an understanding to achieve a new or higher level of performance inherently involves pain. Just like lifting weights make a person sore and tears down the muscles in order to rebuild them stronger, Agonizomai allows a person to appreciate the tortuous aspect of elite training and to find comfort in the suffering which makes us better.

Paidia is much more than just “discipline” as it is often translated. It specifies the type of discipline from a parent to a child; nurturing, but with teeth. It is not a hollow or superficial discipline, but meant to go to the core of a person’s being to elicit real change. It is not retribution or punishment or the self-interests of the parent. It is out of love for a child to grow…but like a vinedresser after a pruning, there is death. Afterwards, the vine is able to produce more vibrant fruit. Paidia is uncomfortable. It makes us become more than we were before because we are challenged to aspire to our full potential.

We combine Gumnazo, Agonizomai and Paidia to gain Performance. These three pillars inform all we do at GAPP and how we instill Performance in our services.

Our Vision is to create and foster all types of communities which adapt to meet challenges and brings out the best in all of its members

Our Mission is to provide training and education to corporate, civil, social and religious organizations to enrich their lives and build strong communities:

  1. Executive Training

  2. Supervisor/Mentor Training

  3. Team Building

We serve all communities, relishing the opportunity to take them and their members to the next level and have a particular interest in serving those who have particularly unique challenges and situations

Our Outreach Mission is to provide training and education to underserved and high-risk demographics to enrich their lives and build strong communities:

  1. Combat Veterans

  2. Trauma/Grief survivors

  3. Single parents

  4. Homeless

  5. Addicts

  6. Children of deployed parent(s)

  7. Unemployed/underemployed

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