Level IV Ground Combat Skills School, Camp Bullis TX

Security Forces Officers Course, Lackland AFB TX

Ground Defense Command Course, Lackland AFB TX

SWAT Leadership, Texas Tactical Police Officers Association (TTPOA), TX

Defensive Combat Pistol, TTPOA, TX

Active Shooter Course, Alamo Area Council of Government (AACOG), TX

Basic SWAT School, AACOG, TX

Advanced SWAT School, AACOG, TX

Basic Crisis Negotiations Course, San Antonio Police Department, TX

Advanced Crisis Negotiations Course, San Antonio Police Department, TX

Phoenix Readiness Security Force HQ Course, Air Mobility Warfare Center (AMWC), Fort Dix, NJ

Phoenix Raven Qualification Course, (AMWC), Fort Dix, NJ

Combat Lifesaver, Tyndall AFB, FL


Nuclear Missile defense

- Flight Leader

- Convoy Commander

- Designed tactical response force TTPs (techniques, tactics and procedures)

Range Operations

- 1,007 acres, 9mm handgun to 81mm mortar; 54,000 students; 3,000 weapons; 10.7 million rounds

Emergency Services Team (Special Weapons And Tactics)

- Breacher and Shield


Instructor, Joint Law Enforcement Training Center

- Chief, Advanced Officer Course

- Chief, Basic Officer Course

Air Attaché, US Embassy

- Joint Staff Integrated Vulnerability Assessments

- Dignitary Protection

Security Operations Officer (S-3), Iraq

- Crater Analysis & Response Team

- Security Escorts

Provost Marshall OIC, Afghanistan

- Threat and Vulnerability Assessments

- Customs

Instructor, Marine Corps Command and Staff College, CDET, Marine Air Ground Task Force Expeditionary Operations

Instructor Courses

Basic Instructors Course, Lackland AFB TX

Training Supervisor Course, Lackland AFB, TX

Self Defense Instructor Course, Federal Bureau of Prisons, Lackland AFB, TX

Instructional Systems Design Course, Lackland AFB, TX

Teaching Practicum, Lackland AFB, TX

Objectives and Tests Course, Lackland AFB, TX

Student Centered Instruction Course, Lackland AFB, TX

Master Resilience Trainer, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA

NRA Basic Pistol

NRA Basic Rifle

NRA Basic Shotgun

NRA Chief Range Safety Officer

NRA Defensive Pistol

NRA Personal Protection Inside the Home

NRA Personal Protection Outside the Home

NRA Concealed Carry

MD Wear and Carry


MD Hunter Education and Firearm Safety